One Arranged Murder


Who is the killer? Saurabh? Ramesh? Aditya? Anjali? or Keshav himself? Get your copy and findout yourself

Have you ever been in love?
What if you decide to meet your love and all you find is cold dead body of your beloved?

Saurabh and Prerna, purely foodies, over sized, but cute were in ‘arranged love’.She took Karva Chauth for Suarabh. But she didn’t knew that it was her last day.

Keshav is a smart intelligent person who doesn’t believe in real love but yes entertains hookups and sleepovers. He puts his heart and soul in the work he does but not under his boss Jacob. Keshav meets Anjali, cousin of Prerna and feels attracted to her but gets warned by his roomate/bestfriend Suarabh as he says ‘ Don’t play with family!’.

Ramesh, father of Prerna, a well settle classic business man, owning Porsche showroom, values dignity and family honour. He lives with two sisters and a brother – Bindu, Geetu(who lives in America) and Aditya along with his wife Neelam. He worths family more than anything and saves family from any kind of threat.

Aditya is Prerna’s chachu, a compassionate music lover, a free bird, drug addict and according to Ramesh, useless worthless brother.

Anjali is an Indo-American fellow, a bright lady, a freelancer, was a journalist, commited in uncertain hookups, has arrived to meet her family. She is the one who unfolds many dark unknown secrets of Malhotra family.

ACP Rana and Inspector Singh are in charge of the murder case that happens at Malhotra’s residence who are accompanied by detectives Suarabh and Keshav.

The story which develops from the tension- Death of Prerna gets complicated at the death of Aditya. Anyhow, the murderer is the same person and is in the family itself. This is the mystery that Suarabh and Keshav has to solve. Being outsiders it’s not easy for them to indulge into their family secrets and find out the killer, but Saurabh does it for his love and Keshav does it for his friend. The story is written in pakka Chetan Bhagat style, informal, funny, interesting but at the same time keeps the reader hooked. I didn’t find any deviations in the story but yes the plot seems complicated yet interesting. The complexities and the twist was indeed a jaw dropper. It’s been very long since I read Chetan’s work, but yes this seems to my kind of story- thriller fiction and I liked it. It ends with a positive note that truth always finds a way, just as love does. But…

Who is the killer? Saurabh? Ramesh? Aditya? Anjali? or Keshav himself? Get your copy and findout yourself

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One Arranged Murder, an unputdownable thriller from India’s highest-selling author. A story about love, friendship, family and crime, it will keep you entertained and hooked right till the end.


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